#hashtags: Tag trends in Twitter

Twitter has become a very popular means to share any kind of short message with your contacts. You can now stay tuned to whatever your friends and contacts share with you, and even receive these messages in your mobile phone. Twitter is a system for microblogging, the state-of-the-art for the blogging world.

The messages sent to Twitter also tend to be tagged by users, and so it’s easier to know what’s the sender talking about. Tags are identified in Twitter as those words preceding a # sign. For instance, in the message “It’s sunny today #weather #london” the tags determine the message is talking about the weather in London.

Taking advantage of the tags annotated by users in Twitter, #hashtags offers an easy and friendly interface to monitor the usage of a tag and discover its trend for the last month. For instance, the use of the tag #obama seems to be really variable.


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- March 10, 2009

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