OneRiot’s Twitter-based search engine

OneRiot, the real-time search engine relying on what is people buzzing right now on the web, has recently launched a Twitter-based search engine. Twitter is an appropriate way to share links with your friends, and users often use it to make a brief comment on a link.

Unlike Twitter’s own search engine, where the tweets containing the search term(s) are shown as a result, OneRiot’s Twitter searcher goes further. When you type and submit a search term in this engine, it returns interesting links (that users have shared on Twitter) about that search term. When selecting what links to show you as a result, the system bases on what have users said about them in the corresponding tweets.

Look, for instance, for a search on readwriteweb. Numerous links pointing to this well-known site are returned. For each of these links, you can know how many tweets have talked about it. Moreover, if you click over this info, a summary of these tweets is shown: what has been the latest conversation on that link, and who discovered (first-tweeted) the link. Note that apparently some tweets point to different links, since they are usually tinyurl’d or somewhat. Another interesting way to search over tweets :-)


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- April 10, 2009


  1. thanks for writing about us! glad you like it! Follow us on for more news soon about new features :)

    tobias @ oneriot

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